Saturday, September 8, 2007

Indian Idol 3

These are the final three contestant of Indian idol 3 Amit Paul, Prashant Tamang, Emon Chaterjee.

mit Paul
the contestant who reached to the final three position of the indian idol 3. He is always been in the favour of the judges. His singing and personality is always been fantastic and thats why he is here.The city of shillong went into a festivejubliation at the news of Amit paul returning home to meet his people. The usually unnamed and cold streets of shillong were packed with people and one coulde the warmth and welcome that the want to give Amit Paul. At Guhwati airport there was a croud of thousand of people who were just mad about him. with his followers, friends and fans. At Bada Pani lake, he was welcomed with a Khasi Tribal dance.He halted for sometime to meet and shake hands with his fans. And if he is your favourite contestant then vote for him.

Prashant Tamang a police man is a good singer. Sometimes he had been taught by the judges. Sometimes they were dissappointed but sometime they were throughly touched by his songs and thus impressed the judges. He is police and fighting like a Army to win the indian idol 3.I think he has the potential to win the Indian idol 3 and he will achieve it if he goes on singing well.If you like this brave polise man you should vote for him.

Emon Chaterjee the youngest contestant in Indian idol is a fantastic singer. He is just 17 year old and reached where people can't reach throughout their lives.
I think that Emon can win the title of indian idol 3 because he has all the winning personality and can steal glimpse of thousands of people as the audience. In simple words he is talented and ricks with his personality and has passion of singing. So if you want Emon to win the title vote for him.

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