Sunday, September 9, 2007

Emon Out Of Indian Idol

Emon Chaterjee as I told in the previous post was the yongest contestant in Indian idol was elemenated Yesterday. According to me he was the heart of the Indian idol. It was the most difficult moment in the history of Indian Idol. Mini couldn’t stop her tears and thats why she called Javed Akhtar the respectful judge of Indian idol to declare the name of the person who was eliminated. It was none other than our own Emon Chaterjee. Anu Malik said this was not the end, but a fresh start for the young singer from Kolkata. Emon proved to be a brave guy and took the janta’s verdict sportingly. He also gave his best performance till date with Tadap tadap ke. So I think we should give Emon Three cheers! hip hip hurrah, hip hip hurrah, hip hip hurrah.