Friday, September 7, 2007

About Mumbai

Mumbai, which was previously known as Bombay is a major metropolitan city of India. It is the state capital of Maharashtra . Mumbai city is known as the business capital of India, it being the country's principal financial and communications centre.The city has the largest and the busiest port handling India's foreign trade and a major Interntional airport. India's largest Stock Exchange which ranks as the third largest in the world, is situated in Mumbai. Here, trading of stocks is carried out in billions of rupees everyday. It is the famousist city of India and one of the famousist city in world.

Discription about Mumbai/Bombay can not be complete without the mention of Bollywood, the biggest Indian film industry which churns out hundreds of Hindi block-busters every year.It is also known as the city of stars. Most of the stars of bollywood are situated here. for example Shah Rukh Khan known as King Khan,salman khan ,Amitabh Bachan his son Abhishek Bachan,etc.