Thursday, September 20, 2007



The Hanging garden in Mumbai is situated at the top of the Malabar hills at its western side, just opposite the Kamla Nehru Park. It is also known as the Ferozeshah Mehta garden. When you will visit this garden you will experience a lovely and a beautiful sunset view over the Arabian sea and feature numerous hedges carved into the shapes of animals. There is a small building in shape of the shoe and thus it is named shoe house. Small kids love to play in it. It is a beautiful garden and all should visit it once.

The karla caves are situated in ithe western ghats,from about 114km away from Mumbai. This cave was carved about 2,000 years ago. This karla cave was built at the time of Hinayana sect, during the Sathavanas period it does not actually show Buddha. The karla caves are from centuries and probably have the largest collection of chaityas. At the entrance there is a temple which was recently made. The facade of the caves is formed by carved temple screens, sculpted with railing ornaments and human couples. You will also come across a 148 foot long Chaitya, possibly the finest of its kind in the country.From the central doorway, you'll find sculptures of Buddha preaching while seated on a lion-supported throne. On each side, fifteen pillars separate the narrow aisles from the central arch.

Juhu Beach is the most famous beach in Mumbai city situated on the shores of Arabian sea in Juhu suburb. You can enter the beach by three gates first gate is from Vile parle second gate is from Santacruz and third is from Andheri. The street food of this beach is very famous for example sev puri, bhel puri, chole bhature, etc. In the north end of th Juhu Beach there is a place known as Gandhi Gram. At the time when Mahatma Gandhi used to practice in the Bombay high court in the late 1800s and early 1900s, he used to live there. There are many five stars hotel and coffea shops here. Many celebrates also stay here. Juhe beach is one of the most beautiful and peacful place in Mumbai city.

Gateway of India this name is known all over India. It is the famous monument of Mumbai. The famous 5 star hotel TAJ is situated neraby this great monument. Today this symbol of colonialism has got Indianised, drawing droves of local tourists and citizens. Behind the arch, there are steps leading down to the water. Here, you can get onto one of the bobbing little motor launches, for a short cruise through Mumbai's splendid natural harbour. This is situated in V . T
(Victoria terminals) now C.S.T (Chatrapati Shivaji terminal).

Mumbai is a huge and a amazing city to visit. Its called the city of stars and celebritys. It attract's tourist from far and wide corner of the world. There is not only one or two tourist spots in Mumbai. There are a number of amazing places worth visiting in Bombay and even around it. The Elephanta caves are the famous rock-cut temples made from two hills. The ferry ride from Gateway of India to the Elephanta caves makes more intresting for the tourist. Then there are the Karla caves that were built by the Buddhist monks and are famous for its Chaitya and a huge stone stupa. There are even a many hill stations around Bombay that make excellent retreats. Matheran, Khandala and Lonavala are amongst the resorts that attract several tourists. Boriveli National Park or the Sanjay Gandhi National Park is another must visit place around Bombay. Within the park are the Kanheri caves that boast of being the biggest Buddhist monastic structure on Konkan coast. The protected area is home to interesting flora and fauna.

Food in Bombay is another must checkout. Amongst the wide variety of cuisine available in Bombay are the Parsi dhansaak, Gujarati thalis, Muslim kebabs, Goan vindaloos et al. If you are holidaying in Bombay during the summer season then the mangoes should not be missed especially those of the Alphonso variety. The festival of Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated with much zest in Bombay. Navratri is also ideal time to visit Bombay. Amongst the other important festivals of Bombay are Gokul Ashtami and Holi.